The Neirbi MBS Solution

The Neirbi Difference

Unlike other BI and analytics companies in the industry that only utilize past loan performance factors in the analysis, Neirbi utilizes not only the loan origination data but also analyzes and applies the impact of real-time economic and environmental indicators on loan performance to predict future delinquency.

The Deliverable

Delivering a delinquent or non-delinquent loan prediction in the next 30-90 days with unprecedented accuracy revolutionizing portfolio management strategies.

Results delivered via software integration, API, Excel, CSV or customized for your needs.

Future Iterations

While the current Neirbi Finance Model focuses on residential loans and mortgages, our team of data scientists is working to prepare solutions for other ABS assets including credit cards, student loans, commercial mortgages, C&I loans and more.

Accurate financial forecasting requires two main ingredients, data and the forecast engine. The Neirbi LSTM revolutionizes both delivering the following solutions:

  • Reduced Forecast Error
  • Powerful Prediction Insight Ahead of the Competition to Gain an Edge on the Market and Trades
  • Risk Management
  • Reduced Decision Processing Time

What Type of Customer Benefits from Neirbi’s Finance Solution?

  • Banks
  • Bond Agencies
  • Asset-Backed Securities Players including Hedge Funds, Traders and Portfolio Managers

Example Use Cases:

  • RMBS portfolio manager: Applies the Neirbi LSTM model to update their analysis daily
  • Bank aggregator: Utilizes Neirbi to analyze a portfolio
  • Community Bank: CIO analyzing their loan book daily

For more information about how the Neirbi LSTM can power more effective investment decisions, or to ask about customization for your business needs, please fill out the form below.

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