The Butterfly Effect


the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.

The incredible speed of innovation in technology and analytics over the last decade has led to the ability to not only capture exorbitant amounts of data about businesses and consumers, but to now quickly analyze that data to find patterns to drive efficiencies. Efficiencies in operations, target marketing, loyalty and customer service just to name a few.

With the advent of this real-time analysis, the birth of profiling and targeting has allowed businesses to target the customer who is most inclined to be in the market for that particular businesses product or service. A very powerful ability.

But we noticed that something was missing. So much focus was being put on the profile of the individual customer, the” who” shall we say, that the “when” seemed to take the back burner. We might be able to figure out who the target customer is, but now when is the best time to reach them. When is the ideal time to deliver them a message that they are in the mindset to act on based on what is happening in the world around them?

One small change in an external condition can create a very significant change in the outcome. The butterfly effect.

Neirbi was born. The analysis of all of these external conditions and the impacts they have on a potential customer’s actions and buying decisions has become our passion. We collect, digest and analyze hundreds of data points to spot trends and then alert you to when an opportunity or threat exists. We do all of this for you so that your team can focus on what it does best.
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