Using the Power of Big-Data, Data Science and Machine Learning to Predict Business Outcomes

Neirbi collects, cleans, curates and appends massive amounts of data, and pushes it through a proprietary algorithm to deliver actionable insights and business outcome predictions in real-time.

By harnessing the incredible computing and processing power that has been unleashed over the past 5 years and combining it with a world-class data science team, Neirbi has developed a proprietary predictive analytics model that utilizes the Long-Short-Term-Memory (LSTM) method, harnessing machine learning and recurrent neural networks (RNN) to provide accurate predictions.

Proprietary Data Curation and Propagation Process

For over two years, Neirbi has collected, cleaned and augmented massive amounts of relevant data, preparing it to be used by our algorithms to make predictions.


Neirbi collects real-time data including:

  • Weather
  • Air Traffic
  • Local and Citywide Events
  • Stock Market and Economic Trends
  • Gasoline and Oil Prices
  • Your Business Data
  • And much more

The data is cleaned, normalized and augmented to include ancillary information, which distinguishes the collection process from any other on the market. Finally, the data is formatted into collections so that it can be easily accessed by the Neirbi LSTM to make predictions.

Expert Data Scientists

Teaming up with award-winning data scientists who received their Ph.D’s from Yale University and specialize in statistical analysis, mathematics and deep neural networks, Neirbi is able to analyze all data sets, both independently and simultaneously, to identify real-time trends and predictions with the Neirbi LSTM engine.

Missing Value Propagation

Neirbi’s “missing value propagation” method addresses the ability to account for missing values in data sets that are fed through the LSTM model. This method allows Neirbi to leverage incomplete streams of data to contribute to better predictions, all the while maintaining high accuracy in outputs.

Neirbi Powers Results

  • Reduce Forecast Error
  • Gain Powerful Insight Ahead of the Competition to Gain an Edge on the Market
  • Reduce Decision Processing Time
  • Risk Management
  • Demand Forecasts